Virtuoso is a joint initiative between Ignitho and Crimson


Many companies face challenges and lose out on business opportunities because they were unable to identify the right expert to guide them. IT leaders in enterprises are looking today for peer guidance to foresee potential game changers, convert them into opportunities and build successful companies.

Virtuoso Peers is our unique platform consisting of industry experts who are former CIOs and pioneers in their respective industries, and are well aware of the next technological disruption. These experts can guide you to make game changing decisions and set up a successful venture.

Virtuoso Peers offers a unique experience to both experts as well as enterprises through our unique model which lets our:

  • Experts and enterprises agree upon a fixed time of engagement on an hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Experts to provide a laser sharp focus on involvement with their clients.

Virtuoso Peers does not stop at expert advice, but with our Virtuoso platform we help you to deliver successful IT solutions. Virtuoso is a joint initiative between Ignitho and Crimson, and is a dynamic outcome-based approach to application development and delivery of smarter IT solutions. Virtuoso team will provide you access to an international IT talent pool and a blended delivery approach.